QSPICE Features

Design a superconducting quantum circuit

Generate the quantum equations describing the time evolution of the circuit

Analyze the parasitic dissipation of quantum information

Simulate the circuit operation under varying environmental conditions

The QSPICE Design Software

While our software borrows its name from SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis), an open source program released in 1973 to simulate integrated circuits, QSPICE is an entirely new approach to modeling of quantum integrated circuits. QSPICE is designed from the ground up using the framework of open quantum systems.

Who we are

The QSPICE Labs team

QSpice Labs is a discovery-stage startup that bridges the gap between classical and quantum hardware by building tools and components designed for superconducting quantum processors. Our team has years of experience in quantum circuits, electronics, and instrumentation; measurement and analysis of many-body quantum systems; and business and marketing for technology. We sell directly to existing quantum computing companies as well as academic and government customers. Our modular approach to the space will make it easier for others to enter the quantum market and help the industry to grow.

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